Brainstorming session @ EU Development Days: How to make digitalisation SDG-proof?


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18 June 2019 09:30
18 June 2019 10:45
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At the EU Development Days, Europe's leading forum on development organised by the European Commission, CIFAL Flanders’ session will talk about the challenges and opportunities of bridging the digital divide, in an inclusive, sustainable way.


The session will consist of 4 parts:
1. An inspirational debate about the ‘Digital Divide’ in a glocalising world.
2. The presentation of four best practices that aim to bridge the digital divide both on a local and global scale.
3. A holistic SDG assessment of those initiatives through a multi-stakeholder brainstorming session, based on CIFAL Flanders’ Action Learning Methodology.
4. Concluding lessons-learned and recommendations for digital-divide projects to combat inequalities in an inclusive way and become SDG-proof.

ICTs have become an essential means in combating inequalities and achieving sustainable development. Since ICTs are increasingly related to employment, gender, education and health, they have become inseparable from human rights. Despite its great potential, half of the world’s population is still lacking access or capabilities to use ICTs. To address this divide, multiple initiatives have been taken worldwide, fostering an inclusive digital economy. However, to fully exploit the potential of ICTs in bringing about development, each initiative has to take into account all possible inequalites related to digital divide. Therefore, CIFAL Flanders will provide a holistic SDG assessment of these best practices to improve their inclusiveness and sustainability of the projects, making sure no one is left behind.

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CIFAL Flanders and the European Commission
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Mathilde Van Caeckenbergh
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Havenlaan 86c
Brussel 1000
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