Register what and how?

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Registering an initiative and making it known is very easy, just follow these four steps:


Think about which commitment, event, project or other initiative you want to undertake in order to integrate the SDGs in your organisation, to promote or broadcast them, to address them in a campaign, ….

Anyone can register an initiative and make it known: public authorities, companies, NGOs, trade unions, health insurance funds, schools, youth organisations, other organisations, citizens,… 

However, one condition is that the initiative takes place in Belgium, is organized by an organisation in Belgium or has some kind of connection to Belgium.

Each commitment, event, project or other initiative can be registered and published via the website, as long as it does not concern advertising for a product or service or a commercial offer.


First, make an account via the 'register now' button and await approval. The approval of the account is carried out by the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development and its sole purpose is to check whether you are a real organisation or person, and not a robot. As soon as your account has been approved, you will receive an email containing a temporary password and a link. To be sure, always check your spam mailbox. With the received data, you can log in, change your password and upload and make your commitments, events, projects or other initiatives visible.


With your new account you can now upload commitments, events, projects or other initiatives. You can do so directly or later via the 'register now' button. You can also upload several initiatives using the same account.

When you log in to register an initiative, you land on a page asking you to enter several details concerning the initiative. For example, you will have to indicate which type of initiative you want to register. You can choose between an event, project or commitment.

Each initiative you register, will have to be linked to one or more SDGs. This is done by selecting the SDGs you want to link. More information about the 17 SDGs can be read here or you can watch the video which addresses the 17 objectives. If the initiative combines SDGs from at least 3 of the 5 Ps (People/Planet/Prosperity/Peace/Partnerships), a special SDG logo is awarded. The initiative will also be shown on the map of Belgium with that logo. The logo serves as a quality label for sustainable development. The check for the awarding of the label is carried out by the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development. 

You will also have the possibility to upload the logo of your organisation or the specific logo of your initiative.

An initiative can be registered in your language of choice, and can also be registered in multiple languages. If you wish to have a translation, this is your own responsibility.

Events will not only be shown on the map on the website, but also in the banner on the homepage. Initiatives which are only registered in Dutch or French, will only be shown in the banner of the Dutch or French homepage. If the event is registered in multiple languages, it will be shown in the banner of the homepage of the different languages.


Now it's time for real action! Organise the event, start the commitment, start up the project,… Share your initiative via social media, so that even more people are aware of it. You might find other events or projects on this website you would like to participate in?