SDG Forum 2020

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campagnebeeld SDG-Forum

From everyone, for everyone, by everyone. 

After successful previous editions of the SDG Forum, a third one had to follow. 

This year, both the SDG Forum and G-STIC are part of the SDG Week. More info will follow shortly.

The central thread through all of this remains ‘SDGs: From everyone, for everyone and By everyone’.



The SDG Forum brings the Sustainable Development Goals from, for and by
everyone. As the first multi-stakeholder forum on the SDGs in the Benelux, the SDG Forum is able to reach out to wide range of sectors and deals with a variety of themes.

Organised by 18 partner organizations from every corner of the sustainable development sector, the SDG Forum strives to connect unusual suspects. It gives policy makers, business, NGO’s, academia a change to meet and exchange SDG ideas and SDG solutions.


As COVID-19 prevents us from meeting each other safely in person, the SDG Forum goes online. Humanitarian crises make great incubators for far-reaching structural change. The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath reinforces the need to mainstream long-term solutions for a resilient society and economy that works for all. That’s why the SDG Forum strongly believes we cannot put discussions and networking on sustainable development on hold. With our digital conference platform Hopin, SDG Forum brings you workshops and plenary sessions with live polling, Q&A’s and networking possibilities.

From everyone

On 25 September 2015, all 193 UN member stateson behalf of their populations, signed a new agenda with 2030 as its horizon. It contains seventeen goals - the Sustainable Development Goals - to get our world back on track towards sustainable development.

For everyone

The SDGs aim to tackle the most important, global challenges in social, economic and ecological terms. They thereby have a strong emphasis on the principle of leaving no-one behind. If these goals are not achieved, this will come at a cost to the planet, to ourselves and mostly for future generations.

By everyone

The SDGs are largely an ‘us’ story. Every individual, every business, every organisation, every authority at any level, has something to contribute and they should ideally do so together. The SDGs break with the pigeon-holing of the past and will ideally lead to unexpected partnerships to help rid the world of the concerns that we share.