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FairFin (link is external) is a socio-cultural movement that has been encouraging people and organisations to use money as a means for social change for 35 years. FairFin is a critical voice in the current financial system and an incubator for an alternative, fair financial system. For FairFin, a financial system is fair if it is in the service of society and not the other way round, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable and socially-just society.

FairFin aims to contribute to this sustainable future by using pension funds to achieve the SDGs. Dr. Anneleen de Bonte began this mission with FairFin through a pilot project whereby they searched together for a sustainable pension for independent healthcare providers (link is external). As an SDG Voice, FairFin aims to raise public awareness around making the switch to sustainable options that already exist today on the one hand, while on the other inducing financial players to produce products that are specifically aimed at achieving the SDGs.