Janssen Pharmaceutica (J&J)

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At Janssen Pharmaceutica, we work to create a world free of illness. We transform lives through finding new and better ways of preventing illness, treating and curing it, and stopping it in its tracks. That is our inspiration. We bring together the finest minds and practise the most promising forms of science to achieve this goal. We focus on complex medical challenges in 6 therapeutic domains: cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience, oncology and  pulmonary hypertension. We collaborate worldwide, for the sake of all our health.

Janssen Pharmaceutica belongs to the Johnson & Johnson group, the world's largest healthcare business. There are more than 5,000 staff working in Belgium. The full medicine cycle is present in Belgium: from research and development to production, distribution and commercialisation. This combination of activities within a single country is unique in the pharmaceutical world.

The concept of sustainability is of paramount importance to Janssen Pharmaceutica. ‘Our CREED (link is external)’ and the Sustainable Development Goals are our guiding principles here. We participate actively in achieving the UN's goals. To that end, we use the language of the SDGs to work together, from a principle of equality, with all parties involved around social themes such as education and gender equality. The WISTEM²D (link is external) project (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,  Manufacturing and Design), whereby we aim to inspire young girls to study Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing or Design is one example of this. We are working together with all stakeholders to develop and implement an acceleration programme. The project in Belgium is a pilot that is a good fit for J&J's global ambition to reach more than 1 million girls by 2020. This way of working is documented and can be used as a blueprint in other countries afterwards.

As an SDG Voice 2019, Janssen Pharmaceutica is dedicated to:

  • Implementing a sustainable corporate strategy;
  • Creating awareness around the SDGs and stimulating individual initiatives;
  • Working up business cases that demonstrate how collaboration based on the SDGs,  with all stakeholders, can lead to systemic changes that go hand in hand with business opportunities. The WISTEM²D project (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,  Manufacturing and Design) is a shining example of this.

Our appointment as SDG Voice 2019 only serves to strengthen our resolve. As an ambassador, we will show over the coming year which initiatives we are developing and which collaborations we are entering into for this. We invite everyone to take part in the conversation via our social media channels: Twitter (link is external)Facebook (link is external) and LinkedIn (link is external).