Open call : organise a workshop at the SDG Forum

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The SDG Forum provides a showcase for organisations with experience in the SDG field to present their ideas at the SDG Forum on 19 October 2023. Any organisation (authorities, NGOs, companies, educational institutions, trade unions) is eligible to apply if it is active in the SDG field, among others. Proposals must be sent in by Tuesday 23 May, 12am.

For six years now, the SDG Forum has been highlighting projects and initiatives related to the SDGs. The SDGs and the sustainable development sector are complex areas and it is clear that organisations often face similar challenges and are looking for solutions. The SDG Forum is a meeting place where we try to bring together as many SDG professionals as possible and gather as much knowledge as possible in order to improve cooperation.

The SDG Forum workshops are therefore an indispensable part of our programme. Each year, about thirty SDG workshops are organised in French, Dutch and English. About twenty workshops are already reserved for the various SDG Forum organisers. This year, the organising committee has also chosen not to allocate ten workshops directly in order to allow other organisations to propose one.


Who can propose a workshop?

We would like to see a number of criteria in your workshops: These conditions may be decisive if a choice has to be made between several workshops.

Workshop criteria :

  • Any organisation with knowledge of the SDGs can organise a workshop at the SDG Forum.
  • The workshop contributes to one or more SDGs
  • The workshop is preferably a collaboration between different partners, actors or stakeholders
  • The structure of the workshop is preferably innovative (a creative approach is preferred over a presentation with a question and answer session)
  • Preference is given to workshops that involve or attract hard-to-reach groups ("no one behind" principle)
  • We want to achieve as balanced a distribution of SDG topics as possible.
  • Diversity among speakers and panel members is an asset

The SDG Forum provides the location and technical infrastructure. Specifically, a room, a microphone, a projector and a flipchart will be provided. You should bring your own laptop and any other necessary support. 

How to propose a workshop?

If you would like to organise a workshop, please complete the workshop form in Dutch or in French and return it to the following email addresses by Tuesday 23 May at the latest: ; ;


The SDG Forum Steering Group, consisting of six organisations consisting of six organisations (the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development, the University of Antwerp, The Shift, UWE, the Service of the battle against poverty and SDSN Belgium), will evaluate the proposed workshops. The selected organisations will be contacted at the end of June.

Anneleen Malesevic ( will be happy to answer any questions you may have.