Contributions from Government Entities

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The Interministerial Conference on Sustainable Development (IMCSD) decided in its action plan for the drafting of the VNR that it should be concise and based on contributions from the various governments of the country. The VNR therefore presents a selection of good practices, while the full reports from the various government agencies are much more extensive. We invite you to find more details in the following contributions.

Federal contribution through the Interdepartmental Commission for Sustainable Development (ICSD).

Representatives of the Federal Public Services sent their contributions to the ICSD Secretariat, which compiled these contributions in the documents available here: version FR - NL versie.

Contributions from the Communities and Regions

The federated entities have made their own contributions to the VNR. The full versions can be found here.

Contribution of local authorities

To increase the involvement of all levels of government, the regional authorities asked the umbrella organizations of cities and municipalities to coordinate a contribution from the local authorities. VVSG, UVCW and Brulocalis submitted a joint contribution.

Contribution indicators to monitor the SDGs

This annex (soon available) presents a set of 82 indicators to monitor Belgium's progress toward the SDGs. These indicators were selected for this report by the Interfederal Institute of Statistics (IIS), and collected by the Federal Planning Bureau. More information and details are available at

Belgium's progress towards the SDGs is measured through a balance sheet of 51 indicators, three for each SDG. These are listed at the beginning of each section of Chapter 6. This assessment shows that, if current trends continue, few of the SDGs will be achieved by 2030.